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  • Surgery

    About the medical center

    We are created to improve the ENT assistance, we do it according to new standards, which we try to improve and improve every day.

    About the laboratory

    The goal of the rhinology laboratory is research of physiology of nasal breathing using fundamentals of aerodynamics. Workgroup of laboratory designs the equipment for diagnostic and treatment of rhinological diseases. We propose a training course for otolaryngologists “Innovative technologies in diagnostics and treatment in Rhinology”

    Outpatient reception

    Consultation is conducted by certified doctor of otolaryngologists. It is believed that otolaryngology is a "narrow" specialty, but specialists have their own preferences and better skills in conducting these or other surgical interventions.


    Hospital and Surgery

    We try to create for you the most comfortable conditions of stay ... Planning of surgical interventions allows for the possibility of minimally invasive and simultaneously highly effective methods.


    Scientific activity

    Our scientific interest is the search and awareness of the connections between the aerodynamic characteristics and the physiological functions of the nose. We develop innovations both in the processing and provision of information, and in the implementation.


    We are not just an ENT clinic, we have highly qualified doctors and medical personnel.


    ENT help on new standards, which we improve and improve every day.

    This applies both to outpatient care and to surgical care.


    Outpatient care includes counseling and treatment at the day hospital.

    On an out-patient reception it is necessary to be recorded beforehand.

    We carry out qualitative diagnostics, highly professional treatment of lor diseases, an individual approach to each patient, as well as a good attitude.


    Experts of our clinic own all types of surgical interventions on the ENT organs.


    During surgical interventions we take into account the possibility of minimally invasive, as well as highly effective methods. That allows you to quickly recover.

    For this, an accurate diagnosis of the problem is carried out and the most optimal solution is recommended.


    Our scientific activity is the search and understanding of the connections between aerodynamic characteristics and physiological functions of the nose.


    We are developing innovations in the processing and provision of information, as well as in technical modernization.




    The main diseases that are treated in our clinic:



    1. Frontitis, sinusitis
    2. Chronic etmoiditis
    3. Vasomotor rhinitis
    4. Odontogenic sinusitis
    5. Polyposis of the nose
    6. Correction of the septum of the nose
    7. Nose plastic surgery


    1. Diffuse otitis media
    2. Perichondritis
    3. Otomycosis
    4. Acute otitis media
    5. Otosclerosis
    6. Erysipelas
    7. Tympanosclerosis
    8. Sensorineural hearing loss
    9. Allergic otitis media


    1. Tonsillitis
    2. Pharyngitis
    3. Adenoids
    4. Snore

    How to find us :

    Medical center is located in 9th house along ul.Kultury("writer's house", "Slovo" house), opposite to this house there is a 116 school, and the entrance to our clinic is along ul.Literaturnaya (Galana)


    • +38 (057) 705-13-49
    • +38 (057) 714-95-17
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    • ul. Kultury, 9, Kharkov, Ukraine
    • Mo-Sa 8:00 - 20:00, Su 80:00-15:00, Sn 10:00 - 15:00