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  • Out-patient and surgical care
  • ul. Kultury, 9, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Work time:
    Mo-Sa 8:00 - 20:00, Su 80:00-15:00, Sn 10:00 - 15:00
  •  +38 (057) 705-13-49
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  • Surgery

    The goal of the rhinology laboratory is research of physiology of nasal breathing using fundamentals of aerodynamics. Workgroup of laboratory designs the equipment for diagnostic and treatment of rhinological diseases. We propose a training course for otolaryngologists “Innovative technologies in diagnostics and treatment in Rhinology”

    Our scientific interest is the research and understanding of the links between the aerodynamic characteristics and physiological functions of the nose. We develop and an innovative technologies of rhinomanometric data processing and improve technical schemes based on our research. The main goal of our research work is enhancement of diagnosis and treatment quality of ENT disease.


    Oleg Garyuk

    Chief of ENT Clinic “Garyuk”. Ph. D, Associate professor of Otolaryngology and childishotolaryngology department of Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduated Education

    Alina Nechyporenko

    Ph.D, Associate professor of Biomedical engineering department, researcher of laboratory of intellegent software and hardware systems, Department of Software engineering. Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

    Vitaliy Chmovzh

    Ph.D, Professor, Chief of Department of Aerohydrodynamics. National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”

    How to find us :

    Medical center is located in 9th house along ul.Kultury("writer's house", "Slovo" house), opposite to this house there is a 116 school, and the entrance to our clinic is along ul.Literaturnaya (Galana)


    • +38 (057) 705-13-49
    • +38 (057) 714-95-17
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    • ul. Kultury, 9, Kharkov, Ukraine
    • Mo-Sa 8:00 - 20:00, Su 80:00-15:00, Sn 10:00 - 15:00